Online Store

If you would like to shop for your pet's product online, or refill a prescription and have it mailed directly to you, consider shopping at our online store. You will first need to create a username and password. If your request is for a prescription medication then the request will be sent to one of our doctors. We will review your pet's history and make sure that we can approve the request. If the request is denied you will be notified as to what your pet needs before refilling the medication. Remember that your pet has to be a regular patient of ours, and has to have had an examination within the past year by one of our doctors. If your pet needs medication on a regular basis, then he or she will mostly likely need some type of bloodwork every 6 months to make sure that the medication is working correctly and not harming your pet in any way.

Many online pharmacies are purchasing their products from illegal sources and because of that their products are not guaranteed by the manufacturer. There are many counterfeit and expired medications out there and we would not want anything bad to happen to your pet if he or she were to be given a bad product. Our online pharmacy has the same convenience and a very competitive price. Please remember that by buying products from our hospital the products you purchase are guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Please contact our online pharmacy at 888-606-3336 if you have any questions on how to set up your account or questions regarding orders.

Lomita Online Pharmacy