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Welcome to Lomita Pet Hospital

With over 30 years of experience and growing, our doctors at Lomita Pet Hospital have been the leaders when it comes to veterinary care in the South Bay. Whether you are looking to get a bi-yearly health check up, dental cleaning, or emergency services for your pet, we are able to accommodate you. We have a full service veterinary office with a friendly staff and a warm and comforting environment. Come see why our community loves us!

Pet Examinations

Our pets are a part of our family, and every responsible owner wants to ensure that their pets are in the very best of health. Your pet may not be able to tell you what is wrong, but our examinations aim to discover the source of any problem, or indeed prevent them before they arise.

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Health Examinations - Required Vaccines - Neutering and Spaying
​Dental Cleaning - Emergency Services

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